"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Cape Coral Routes

   The Pulse Plan is able to offer much greater coverage than either LeeTran's or Tindale-Oliver's plan.  The same amount of routes are in play, but the Pulse Plan utilizes these routes in much more efficient way.

The Pulse Plan utilizes the same number of buses as compared with LeeTran!

  Cape Coral routes have the astounding capability of being perfectly synchronized throughout the length and breadth of the city.  

320 Route -- offers a 60-minute headway down Veteran's Parkway, meeting with the 370 Northbound going west, and the 370 Southbound Southbound going east on Del Prado Blvd., and meeting with the 335 and 340 Buses at the Home Depot on Skyline Blvd.

330 Route -- Interlined with the 370 Route, offers east-west trips to Cape Coral Transfer Center, and meets with the 335 and 340 Route on 47th Tr. and Santa Barbara. from the Bell Tower.

335 Route -- services Skyline and Country Club Blvd. in a clockwise fashion on an hourly basis, meeting with the 330 Route at Country Club and Cape Coral Pkwy., and with the 340 Bus at the Publix at Santa Barbara and Cape Coral Pkwy every hour.  It also meets the 320 Eastbound Bus at the Circle K at Veterans Parkway and Country Club every hour.

340 Route -- services Santa Barbara Boulevard and Chiquita Rd. in a counter-clockwise fashion, meeting with the 335, 580 and 595 Buses at Cape Coral Technical Institute, and with the 330 and 335 Buses at Publix on 47th Tr and Santa Barbara.  

370 Route -- travels down the busiest part of Cape Coral -- Del Prado Boulevard.  The 370 Bus interfaces with the 595 Route on North Del Prado going in both the north or south directions, offering direct access to Western Cape Coral.  It also meets with the 320 Bus near Coralwood Mall (northbound 370 meeting the westbound 320, and the southbound 370 meeting with the eastbound 320.)  The 370 Bus also meets with the 590 Bus near Hart Rd. on its return trip to Cape Coral.

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