"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"


  The map above shows which points we used to do our analysis.  Below is a schedule comparison of how long it takes to get from each of these points to all the others, along with the number of trips and the headways of each trip.

 In a few cases we were able to save over an hour -- going one way -- from one point to another!  (For example, VA Hospital to Cape Coral Hospital, VA Hospital to the SW Cape Coral Library and SW Florida International Airport to Sunsplash Park in Cape Coral.) 
For illustrative purposes where the word "graph" appears in the table above (in the most right-hand column,) those graphs are located below.  These graphs were created to find out why the numbers seemed a bit out-of-the-ordinary from other comparisons! 

  The graphs above offer clarity as to what the numbers actually mean from the Schedule Analysis.

  The following links are the actual analysis of the old and new LeeTran schedules, in comparison and contrast with the Pulse Plan schedules (right-click and open in new tab:)

Sunsplash to Orange Grove and Hancock  

SW Cape Library to Orange Grove and Hancock