"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

  The synchronization of buses in the Cape Coral area is illustrated by the animation below.  Red circles indicate bus meets.  Bus meets are at the Cape Coral Hospital, Del Prado @ NE 6th and 3rd Places, 2327 Hancock Bridge Pkwy, Cape Coral Transit Center, 47th Tr. @ Country Club, 47th Tr. @  Santa Barbara and Orange Grove and Pondella Road.  Buses meet at the Cape Coral Hospital between :38 and :40 after the hour and then between :05 and :14 (exactly one-half hour later) at the Cape Coral Transfer Center.

Green = 320 Bus, Orange = 330 Bus, Brown = 34 Bus, Red= 370 Bus, Blue =595 Bus
Red Circle = exchange of passengers between buses