"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"


  Tindale-Oliver has proposed microtransit for Cape Coral, with the area between Del Prado and Santa Barbara (area in pink below) as the area to be serviced.  Details of this service have not been detailed as this information has not yet been released to the public.  As most people know, Cape Coral is a city of many canals with many houses on the same street divided by canals.  With an area so large and so divided by geographical barriers, it does not appear that microtransit would work very well under these circumstances!

This map provided by Tindale-Oliver during the TDP presenetation.

  In order to maintain at the minimum of a one hour headway, two buses (40 Route) will be needed for the red route bordering this pink area.  With the two buses from the 70 Route, one 120 Route and one 595 Route (from North Fort Myers servicing Pine Island Road,) this will be a total of six fixed-route buses plus a certain number of microtransit vehicles  (as yet undisclosed,) servicing the Cape Coral area.  Presently there are seven fixed route vehicles servicing Cape Coral:  two from the 30 Route, two from the 40 Route, two from the 70 Route and one 120 Route.  What Tindale is offering is to do is  to replace fixed-route service for Country Club Blvd. with a roaming number of microtransit vans.  No mention is made of synchronizing these vehicles, but it appears that the 40 Buses could meet the 120 Bus near the Santa Barbara Target Center off Veteran's Parkway every hour.  One 40 Bus could meet with the two 70 Buses every hour at Cape Coral Hospital.  One 30 Bus could meet with the 70 Bus at Cape Coral Transfer Center every hour.  Also, there could also be timed meets between the 70 Buses and the 120 bus at Coralwood Mall as well.  There is no need for the 40 Buses to drive  to Coralwood Mall since the 70 buses are better able to pick up those passengers and, if need be, transfer them to Cape Coral Hospital where a 40 Bus would be waiting.  The time saved could be devoted to servicing Nicholas High School and Cape Tech of Santa Barbara.  It would also save the 595 from having to come down Pine Island Road, too.  The routes could be tweaked to service Southwest Cape Coral Library.