"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

Bell Tower

296 (or 397) meets (Pulse) to 119 meets (LeeTran)

  The Pulse Plan has about 250% more meets at the Bell Tower than is the case presently.  This is because those meets have been carefully coordinated to transfer the maximum amount of passengers.  Every time the 330 Cape Coral Bus arrives, for example, it will find two 250 buses heading in opposite directions going east to the Airport and west to Summerlin Square.  Moreover, there is always a 140 Bus heading north and a 240 Bus is there to go south twice out of every three times, with a bus arriving in within 20 minutes if one is not already there.  Comparing the meet sheets of the Pulse Plan and LeeTran's present plan, one can see there is more order and regularity with the Pulse Plan's version.  Also, there is always a minute or two to exchange passengers with the Pulse Plan compared to LeeTran's "you're coming in as I'm going out" down-to-the-wire times.

  If it is possible to convert the 180 Route into a 60-minute headway route, about one hundred more meets will be possible at the Bell Tower, since the 250E Bus will bring in and take out passengers to the 180 Route at the intersection of Daniels and Metro, and the 180 will be in better sync with all the other routes at the Bell Tower as a result:

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