"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"


  The one thing to which we can point as the underlying weakness of the entire LeeTran system is its lack of all-day reliable meets, upon which customers can rely to get from one bus to another without delay.  "Clock-time" refers to the regularity of schedules based on the 60-minute unit, where a bus meets every hour at a certain time.  In the Pulse Plan, most routes are 60-minutes long, but those which aren't that long are still multiples of 60 minutes.  Consider the following chart comparing Pulse Plan Regular Meets with LeeTran's present meets:

  The highlighted rows in yellow indicate LeeTran's only regular day-long meets, and of those six meets points, only half are based on 60-minutes!  One official at LeeTran proudly said, "Yes, we don't have meets all day long, because our system is a hybrid-system," which means that 15% of routes are synchronized and 85% are not!  (Not a ratio of which one ought to be proud!)  The Pulse System, on the other hand, has seven times more meet points, seven times more frequency of meets and over nine times the number of meets!  Customers can depend on easy transfers because the Pulse System is designed to maximize those meets and make transfers the order of the day.

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