"With A Hand on the Pulse of Lee County!"

  Public Transit is a "people-moving" business!  The goal of transit planning is to move people from one point to another throughout the system in the most timely and cost-effective manner.  This Website proposes a new way of thinking about transit in Lee County -- which will get people to where they need to go while conserving both time and money!

  The proposed plan is based on the Pulse System, a system promoted and endorsed by Jarrett Walker, internationally renowned transit planner, owner of Walker and Associates, and author of the book, Human Transit: How Clearer Thinking Can Enrich Our Communities and Our Lives.

  The following pages will explain the principles of the Pulse System, give specific recommendations which will achieve optimal efficiency for LeeTran, provide a detailed analysis of those recommendations and, lastly, provide an overview of a complete system, with detailed routes and meetsheets, which can be implemented at minimal cost here in Lee County, Florida.
  The premise of this website is that there exists a way for LeeTran to improve their service in dramatic fashion without spending millions of dollars, simply by manipulating routes and getting the most efficiency from them by applying basic transit principles.  We will see how this can be accomplished in the following pages.

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